Sensing the future is digital.

For over 100 hundred years, John Crane has engineered high-quality products for the process industries, specializing in mechanical seals. John Crane Sense is one of the company’s latest innovations — a digital platform that lets organizations monitor the real-time status of their mechanical seals and assets. This can help them reduce equipment downtime, lower emissions and boost plant efficiency. 

As industry competitors also launch digital sensing technologies, John Crane needed a memorable story to market its own solution both internally and to prospective customers.


Digitization lets you see in the dark.

The process industries are under constant pressure to optimize efficiency, increase safety and meet the demand for cleaner energy. Our suggested launch story for John Crane Sense was to demonstrate how it allows organizations to effectively “see in the dark” — made possible with 24/7 digital monitoring of their mechanical seals and support systems.

Tied to this theme was the idea of protection. We positioned John Crane Sense as the solution that allows businesses to really protect what matters, from production and profitability to their brand reputation and the environment. 


Bringing it all together — a vision of what’s possible.  

We rolled this message out across a range of assets, including video, a white paper, blog posts and a new landing page. Together, these assets helped to tell the John Crane Sense by offering: 

  • A brief technical overview of the platform, including both the current and future benefits it could deliver
  • A savings analysis showing how John Crane Sense could save customers up to $1m per day
  • A customer success story that highlighted how other organizations were benefiting from the platform
  • A future vision that identified how John Crane Sense could help organizations achieve bold emissions targets

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