Reaching net zero is a global imperative.

But for utilities, it’s also a huge challenge that requires managing millions of new renewable energy sources. How to deal with this complexity?

For GE Vernova, there’s just one way: utilities need to shift from managing the grid to orchestrating the grid. And their solution for this is GridOS® — the first software portfolio designed specifically for grid orchestration.

But the industry is crowded — with bold claims, urgency-based messages, and shiny new digital tools. The challenge was to help GE Vernova rise above the noise and cement itself as a leader in the energy transition.


Finding a way through complexity.

Our creative approach was rooted in the idea of simplicity and momentum. Specifically, we wanted to show how GridOS® could help utilities smoothly navigate the complexity of decarbonization.

Our concept featured impactful images of renewable energy sources. In each, a straight line moves through a series of circles — representing the unbroken flow of power across the grid. While plain-speaking copy accompanies directional metaphors.

The creative output included a CTV ad, along with a series of assets spanning paid media, organic media, content and web.



A thought-provoking message, delivered with clarity.

The success of this campaign was the result of strategic ad placement, distinct visuals, and a highly relevant message that connected with the target audience. Check out the results:

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