A vital story needs a standout way of telling it.

And GE Digital had a vital story to tell. About Energy Transition, about Net Zero, and about how their digital technology is the only way to accelerate progress. But, to stand out from a crowd of greenwashing messages and uninspiring visualizations of ‘data’, they needed a creative approach that delivered the story with the power it deserves.

We discovered that their audience are proud of powering the world and preparing for the future, but they’re skeptical of quick fixes, silver bullets, and tech for the sake of tech.

This informed the strategic direction we proposed for GE Digital: that they are ‘practical visionaries’ who can find the balance between the environment and the economy, between legacy and emerging tech, between hard-earned knowledge and brand-new innovation.


Bringing balance to life – in a way that would last.

We took the strategic idea of ‘balance’ and used it as the basis of a creative route that used witty, impactful visuals and punchy headlines to bring the ‘do both’ narrative to life.

Our visuals all combined two halves of a circle (in an echo of the GE logo), with a two-word headline joined with an ampersand. This meant our creative idea could run and run – from high-level brand awareness, through to content marketing, product releases, and live events – while keeping the campaign connected, coherent, and eye-catching.


A campaign that goes straight to the heart.

From strategy through to creative roll-out, this work shows our Forever Customer approach in action. The process produced:

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