ABM only works its magic if you can handle the complexity.

No marketer needs persuading of the virtues of ABM. But, as most marketers will tell you, implementing an ABM strategy is rarely easy.

And in the world of cyber-security, those complexities are multiplied. That’s why Trend Micro, leaders in protecting businesses from online threats, came to us for support.

They asked us to get a handle on their wide range of target audiences to create connected ABM programs that work across verticals, products, and funnel stages, so they could upsell to existing customers and show-off their thought leadership to the rest of the market.


No customer journey is the same.

Our first step was to develop Ianding pages that were specific to different industries and products. These pages incorporated multi-stage content and Path Factory pages to guide both existing customers and prospects through their journey in the way that made sense to them.

At the same time, we also reworked their media strategy, using 6Sense for dynamic audience targeting in LinkedIn and display advertising, as well as running a targeted lead generation program with various content syndication partners.


Better targeting, more engagement, real revenue.

With our new approach, Trend Micro’s ABM programs started delivering tangible results:

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