What is paid social? 

Paid social helps you target the right audience with content within social channels. Effectively, you are paying to broadcast social content to a broader audience than you would naturally reach.

Paid social within the B2B space gets a bit more complicated because you have to understand where your audience is and gauge how likely they’d be to engage with your brand. For example, Facebook isn’t a super strong play for closed/won deals, but very viable for a high-volume lead driver, awareness play, and initial engagement channel.

As a B2B Paid Social Agency, we handle a high number of global clients and run across a range of social channels. 

What are Ledger Bennett’s capabilities in paid social? 

B2B companies are rapidly expanding their social voice and driving leads through paid social. 

We mainly operate on the following channels, but have also run campaigns in newer channels such as TikTok: 

  • Facebook: (lead generation forms, CRM integration, video ads, promoted posts, traffic campaigns, 1st party list targeting, lookalike audience targeting, life cycle remarketing, etc.) 
  • Instagram: (lead gen forms, instagram stories, animated posts, remarketing campaigns, etc.) 
  • LinkedIn: (lead gen forms, CRM integration, video ads, sponsored content, sponsored InMail, traffic campaigns, ABM targeting, etc.) 
  • Twitter: (Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, Promoted Trends, Retargeting, etc.) 

How would B2B Paid Social benefit my business? 

There two main benefits to paid social. First, it allows your business to speak to the right people and accelerates leads coming into the top of funnel. Instead of waiting for a user to raise their hand and voluntarily search a key phrase like in paid search & SEO, paid social allows you to take your ad to a relevant audience. 

Second, your organic community will benefit as it draws attention to the fact that your business is active in social channels. Appearances are important so paid social is a great way to maintain your share of voice in competitive spaces. 

How is Ledger Bennett’s approach to paid social different? 

We don’t just look at leads coming into the top of the funnel. We look at how it directly impacts funnel performance by re-focusing targeting at the top. We also take insights from paid social activity and feed them into organic social and vice versa. This is an important tactic that many miss but is an important source of insights. 

We also study data and outcomes in-depth. We’re constantly striving to understand social patterns, demographic targeting, groups that are under-performing to exclude, messaging tests, CTA productivity, and so on, and we’re also always exploring new channels to run on. 

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