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What is Paid Search?

In simple terms, Paid Search allows you to place advertisements within relevant search queries on Google, Bing etc.

Paid Search (also known as PPC or Pay-Per-Click) results will appear above the organic results and will be linked to the keywords used by the user.

There’s a large difference between B2C paid search and B2B paid search so be cautious in hiring a consumer focused agency to run your B2B paid search strategy. There are many nuances that can get costly very quickly. Ledger Bennett understands the intricacies in navigating this space.

How would B2B Paid Search benefit my business?

Paid Search allows you to place advertising in front of a relevant audience.

Whether they are looking for a specific piece of content, researching potential solutions or have a specific intent, Paid Search can help you fill the top of your funnel with relevant prospects. The Paid Search model allows campaigns to be switched on and immediately drive traffic through media investment. It is a great starting point for sites while SEO projects work to increase rankings at a longer term pace.

Our global B2B paid search agency experts have deep understanding of different regional behaviors, keyword to MQL-Closed/Won deal funnel optimizations, advanced script implementation, and consistently manages millions per year between Google, Bing, Yahoo Gemini, and others. Our goal is to take your grouping of keywords, create strong messaging through ad copy, and turn those clicks into leads through the funnel.

But be careful, without an expert in your corner, it can be expensive!

How is Ledger Bennett’s approach to B2B Paid Search different?

Most agencies see Paid Search as a single channel. We don’t. We see it as part of a more holistic Marketing strategy.

The thing that sets Ledger Bennett B2B Paid Search marketers apart is we work to create a fully integrated approach to all media, whether organic or paid and provide visibility through the user’s journey to your CRM. We can even help identify false positive leads and score them for your sales team.

We can help you connect the dots between global strategy and regional deployment. Or we can show you how we manage full funnel performance rather than just top level conversion.

Are you confident that your Paid Search is working as hard as it could?

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