Ledger Bennett’s work on Rockwell Automation’s VirtualConnect event earns nomination for Best Integrated Performance Marketing Campaign in the 2020 International Performance Marketing Awards.

In March 2020, COVID-19 necessitated the cancelation of live events across the globe, and enterprising businesses acted fast to digitally transform event strategies to meet the times. One such business was Rockwell Automation, whose own slate of in-person events was canceled, driving an acceleration toward large-scale virtual forums.

Rockwell Automation needed to act fast – to be a first-mover – to create the most comprehensive online Smart Manufacturing event of its kind, opting for a substantial scale-up of their VirtualConnect event held in May 2020.

Within this context, Ledger Bennett was tapped to lead efforts to bolster the branding and promotion of VirtualConnect, implementing a comprehensive event marketing program to grow awareness and drive registrations, specifically among customers and ICP prospects.

Event Marketing Campaign Elements

This event marketing program included creating an integrated campaign strategy, strong creative theme, media strategy and demand generation activation approach.

In short, being the vital partner to raise the profile of Rockwell Automation’s VirtualConnect event and drive registration and attendance, both live and on-demand, using a mix of integrated channels.

An intro video Ledger Bennett created for the event is here for an overview:

GOALS – 5 Stated Program Objectives

1) Raise awareness and drive engagement for the event – use an integrated mix of channels to generate engagement and interest and lead the market with this new virtual event focused on Smart Manufacturing

2) Position VirtualConnect as a ‘can’t miss event’ for the Manufacturing Operations Persona (Implementers) in customers, prospects and channel partners

3) Drive conversion – from registration page visitors to registrations to engaged attendees and on-demand viewers

4) Maximize ‘In Event’ and ‘Post Event’ engagement and content consumption

5) Enable conversations between Rockwell Automation sales, customers, prospects and channel partners

Program Results & Effectiveness

In summary, VirtualConnect was extremely successful, surpassing all expectations and smashing the objectives set.
The virtual event marketing program executed by Ledger Bennett drove VirtualConnect Registration Page Visitors at 507% of target, Event Registrations at 304% of target, and Customer Attendance at 282% of target.

The Ledger Bennett team are proud of the successful program and excited it has been selected as a finalist within the IPMA 2020 event!

The 2020 International Performance Marketing Awards will be held virtually on November 24, 2020. For more information, visit: https://performancemarketingawards.com/

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