The Sirius Decisions Summit is THE place to find out what is hot in the marketing space, who are the movers and shakers and what is the next big thing for senior marketing and sales professionals.

Yes, MarTech is huge. Predictive and ABM platforms are dominating the landscape. Scaled acquisition is a hot topic in driving greater demand. Yet, the hottest thing this year may come as a bit of a surprise. I can confirm that the interest is huge in a totally unexpected area. We’ve seen a ten-fold uplift year on year compared to the 2016 Summit in Nashville.

So what is the next big thing…?



Colorful, stripy, patterned, standout socks.

“Marketers interest around socks has seen a x10 uplift in the past 12 months”

I’d have loved to run a ‘select my favorite’ competition. However, as 2 out of 3 colleages already guessed correctly, I feared it may have been a little too easy.

But, there has to be a winner and… it’s…

Huge shout out to Contently for my favorite takeaway of 2017!
And to validate my data in uplift.
The solitary pair from 2016…

Disclaimer – no foot models were harmed in the making of this blog.

Shout out to all footwear apparel contributors for this article: ContentlyUberflipAct-onSavoFull Circle InsightsBrightcoveEngagioDemandBaseThe Mx Group and Brainshark.