There’s no doubt about it, rolling out marketing campaigns on a global scale can be tough, particularly when issues around process management rear their ugly head. Inconsistencies, a lack of co-ordination and an overall lack of infrastructure frequently pose problems and drag down operational efficiency.

Here are 5 ways the Demand Centre can help you tackle these challenges and deliver added-value.

1. Improves Cost Control

With time, the Demand Centre standardises processes throughout campaign delivery. This creates a streamlined workflow, reduces unnecessary bureaucracy and improves cost management. As inefficiencies are removed, budgets stretch further as more can be achieved with less.

2. Reduces Average Cost Per Lead

By automating and standardising lead management processes like sales handover, nurture, and acquisition, the Demand Centre radically reduces resource requirements. With repeatable automated processes in place, campaigns can be initiated at a fraction of the cost.

3. Refines Brand Consistency

Achieving a consistent brand message across regions is often a significant challenge. The Demand Centre overcomes this difficulty by adopting centralised decision making, thus improving co-ordination and reducing the risk of rogue brand communications.

4. Optimises Content Value

With better tracking and measurement capabilities, the Demand Centre collects higher quality data, which intern, offers more detailed insight into content performance. This unlocks the potential of performance marketing, improving content creation and asset utilisation.

5. Enhances Internal Process Development

Operating on a centralised system, the Demand Centre radically streamlines process development. With better co-ordination between business units and/or regions, processes are designed and implemented faster and more effectively. This improves efficiency and reactivity, and reduces friction across the business.

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