What is the Eloqua B2B Masters qualification?

It’s the only industry recognized accreditation for B2B Oracle Eloqua and shows recognition of best practices within marketing automation platforms.

The modules for the qualification include the fundamentals of Eloqua and revenue performance management (RPM). We’ll cover the modules in depth later…

You can use live virtual format (LVC) classes where you join a class at a set time or view OnDemand recordings to learn the content. You can also review PDF’s and book sessions to cover any parts you don’t understand.

Who should take this Eloqua Exam?

Anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of marketing automation best practice. It looks great in job applications as recruiters often look specifically for the Eloqua Masters qualification. Be wary though that it is costly (approx. $2600!) and must be renewed yearly.


So, what do you need to do to become qualified? Access official Oracle information in the topliners community.

Firstly, review all the content in the modules:

B2B Fundamentals

This module is Eloqua focused and teaches; Segmentation, E-mails, Forms, landing pages and campaign canvases.

Revenue Performance Marketing (RPM)

This module focuses on marketing automation as a concept and teaches the basics of marketing/sales waterfalls, data, reporting, and other areas. There’s a real focus on understanding behavior through ‘good’ data and reporting so that you can                                          predict future behavior.

Secondly, you’ll need to pass the exam which consists of:

  • 50 multiple choice questions based on learnings from modules.
  • Need 80% (40 right)
  • 90 minutes time limit

Preparing for the exam

I can’t stress the importance of going through all the content, making sure you’re happy with the main concepts and answering the quiz questions! Once you’ve done that you should also:

  • Use the OnDemand services to go over bits you don’t understand
  • Use the PDF downloads in the learning library
  • If you fail the exam, review your areas of weakness

What do you get for passing?

Well, huge satisfaction and bragging rights are the obvious answer! But also an online certificate and a nifty little badge for your topliners account.

Benefits of Passing the Eloqua B2B Masters Exam

If you work with Eloqua, completing the Masters, in my opinion, is a no-brainer. Even though the initial ‘sting’ of the course price seems a little daunting; the qualification leads to increased productivity and credibility in the industry. As well as this, there is more opportunity to influence as a thought leader and better salary prospects.

What’s next!?

Once you are qualified you can take on The Luminary. This is much more in-depth and covers 5 advanced concepts;

  • Analysis
  • Conversion
  • Engagement
  • Targeting
  • Technology

The exam covers all these concepts as well as touching on areas of the Masters, and you’ll need 75% to pass this next stage.

Once you pass the exam, you’ll also need to complete a practical assessment and write a blog. This practical element involves your application of knowledge to find a specific number of errors in a campaign, while the blog has to showcase an initiative you implemented to improve your Eloqua/Marketing automation use and has to be posted to topliners.