If your B2B organization isn’t using Marketing Automation, where have you been? It’s 2018 and MAP is bigger, better and more relevant than it’s ever been before. If you’re not using it, your competitors may have an advantage over you.

Not sure if Marketing Automation is for you? Here are 5 things you’re missing out on if you don’t adopt it into your tech stack:

1. Intelligent Email Campaigns

The ability to nurture your contacts depending on their actions and behavior means you can cater relevant content to them and guide them along their buyer journey. No more batch-and-blast and hoping it hits that sweet spot!

2. Watch users’ buyer journey

Watch the journey an individual takes through your website and emails. Feed this directly into your CRM and allow salespeople to approach them when the time is right.

3. Easily segment large data sets

This is dependant on the individual contacts details and site browsing history. Once you’ve obtained this data, you’ll be able to target a very specific audience.

4. Email Campaign Analytics

You are able to easily view and analyze data from your previous campaigns, which you can use when planning future projects. Never make the same mistake twice and each campaign can be better optimized than the last!

5. Variety of platforms to choose from

There are a variety of platforms to choose from each with their own advantages. Regardless of the size of your company, campaign or goals, there is a Marketing Automation Platform for every type of business. Discover which of the ‘Big Four’ MAP systems are best for your required needs.