What’s the ultimate goal of B2B marketing?

Typically, it’s to help brands attract customers and get them to buy. And in pursuit of that goal, success is measured by upticks in metrics like clicks, impressions, leads, and conversions.

These are all valuable things to measure and strive for. But this whole approach is focused on just one part of the story: the part that happens before the sale.

Here’s why that’s a problem.

Brandsmiss a gaping-chasm-of-an-opportunity to continue the customer relationship after the sale. Which means they miss the chance to generate lifetime revenue from customers who keep on coming back.

To begin and then deepen those kind of relationships, B2B creative (backed by the right content strategy) needs to go further than it ever has before.

It’s time to think beyond buyers.

Simply put, B2B creative needs to work beyond the sale — so it turns buyers into something even more valuable: ‘Forever Customers.’

Forever Customers are what every brand wants. They’re loyal advocates who provide consistent, repeatable revenue. They’re not forgotten after the sale; they’re actively engaged with as part of a continual relationship that strengthens over time.

Our entire approach to creative is designed to win Forever Customers — and it’s always based on three distinct pillars.

1. It’s Enduring.

Forever Customer creative isn’t a one-hit wonder. It survives beyond the sale. It works and keeps working indifferent contexts, on different platforms, and with different audiences (like users, influencers, and external stakeholders).

It’s the kind of creative that can be adapted and atomized, evolving with your audience as their needs ebb and flow.

2. It’s Relatable.

Forever Customer creative leads with emotion, then backs it up with facts. It gets to the heart of what your audience really cares about, and relates to the emotions that underpin their decision-making.

From this starting place of empathy and understanding, it then reinforces your message with compelling proof points (such as testimonials and product benefits). This gives your audience the persuasive ‘evidence’ they need to rationalize their emotional response.

3. It’s Championable.

Forever Customer creative has something special and gets people talking. It expresses an idea that’s so compelling your audience want others to see it too, helping to boost your brand message (both inside and outside your business).

What does championable content look and feel like? It’s always based on a powerful yet simple idea that feels relatable and true. It’s something that people instantly ‘get’, find easy to explain, and it has a novelty factor that makes people instinctively want to share it.

Creative that wins Forever Customers

Forever Customer creative works at every stage of the journey — from prospects and leads through to the sale, users, and advocates. And it doesn’t just happen by chance. Early in the content strategy, you need to ask questions like:

  • Does the big idea have a shelf life that goes beyond six months?
  • Can the campaign be easily updated and atomized to add further value?
  • Does the messaging consider users as well as buyers?

Ready to learn more about the value of Forever Customers and how to attract them? Drop us a message to see how our approach to creative can help you start the journey.