Ledger Bennett Revenue Engine (LBRE) is thrilled to announce Andrew Barnes-Jones will be joining our team as Global Creative Director. Andrew’s award-winning pedigree in B2B is second to none, and he’ll be putting his incredible skillset to work defining the role of creative and content within LBRE’s bold new vision as a business whose sole purpose is creating and optimizing revenue for clients around the globe.

“What really excites me about joining LBRE is that I’ve never been around agency leaders and clients who share this level of commitment towards pushing the envelope to transform the way B2B works,” said Barnes-Jones.

“B2B customer journeys can often be disjointed and therefore have little impact. By putting the customer first and showing them that we understand what they want throughout their entire relationship with a brand, we will not only increase loyalty, but also create opportunities to generate more revenue. That’s good business in both senses of the word.”

Andrea Glenn, Managing Director, LBRE, is enthusiastic about the direction of the agency and the opportunity to bring Barnes-Jones into the fold. “B2B businesses are rapidly driving digital transformation and Chief Revenue Officers are interested in more than opportunities or sales—they’re interested in lifetime value,” said Glenn. “I know that Andrew will take our creative deep into uncharted territory by delivering emotive stories, experiences and interactions for B2B brands that will support the goals of today’s digital revenue teams. He’s going to play a crucial role in helping clients provide their customers with a frictionless experience from the first touch to…forever.”

The addition of Barnes-Jones is the latest in a long list of savvy, forward-thinking maneuvers for LBRE as they look to reshape the entire agency landscape. “A lot of today’s marketing and advertising agencies are fundamentally flawed” said Phil Ledger, CEO, LBRE. “Marketing still, on the whole, operates in a bubble using outdated operational methods and struggles to justify its importance as businesses are challenged to increase revenue. Ledger Bennett Revenue Engine is at the forefront because we understand that deeply connected, sales, marketing and customer success models are exactly what our clients are after and we can give it to them. We’ve got a unique mixture of out-of-this-world creative, laser-targeted media and amazing insights, tech and analytics. Companies can trust us to use these tools effectively to help them build a digital revenue team and boost their bottom line in a way no one else can.”

It’s clear that Ledger Bennett Revenue Engine is taking the industry by storm and the addition of Andrew Barnes-Jones will accelerate their timeline for exponential growth. Keep an eye on this agency because it’s definitely one to watch in 2021.

About Ledger Bennett Revenue Engine

Ledger Bennett Revenue Engine was founded by a team of commercially driven strategic marketers, sales professionals and data scientists. We believe that in the next 5 years Marketing, Sales and Customer Success functions will be replaced with a single Digital Revenue Team offering frictionless, transparent, recurring revenue growth. Ledger Bennett Revenue Engine billings for the current financial year are forecast to be $15m. We operate a 100% remote working model with office hubs in London, New York, Chicago and San Francisco.