How to incorporate the subscription economy into our B2B models.

For consumers, the subscription economy is nothing new.

From Netflix to Amazon Prime to Pret a Manger and all companies in between, customers are shifting from being buyers of a one-off product or service to regular users of brands, in a long-term relationship. It’s the best way to create lifetime repeatable revenue.

So, why don’t more of us B2B marketers focus on extending the customer journey, beyond the initial sale?

Following through on the promises we make in the awareness stage, right through to advocacy, encouraging people to become our biggest brand champions. Or as we call them, Forever Customers.

For B2B to embrace the subscription economy, we need a continuous customer experience made of three steps:
1. Engaging them,
2. Getting them hooked, and,
3. Getting them booked.

For this to happen you have to be continually enhancing your product or service offering, not just understanding what gets buyers over the line, but what makes users stick around and fall in love.

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