• Funded Heads for Marketing
    Staff Augmentation

What is FluidTalent?

  • More than a
    Marketing Team…

    An in-house agency built for your niche.



  • Hired by us…
    Working for you.


Whether you’re filling a knowledge gap, temporarily expanding delivery teams or accelerating time to value on a new project, FluidTalent can help.

Embedded directly into your business, FluidTalent people combine all the value of an agency with a deep knowledge of your sector, preferences and business objectives to drive meaningful results.


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The FluidTalent approach to Funded Heads

  • Understand business goals
  • Identify
    skills gaps
  • Right-size the talent solution
  • Hire the
    right fit

Built for flexibility

FluidTalent Approach to Marketing Staff Augmentation

Flex contracted roles in and out as projects move from start to finish or as marketing strategy evolves to meet ever-changing buyer behavior.




    Train existing team
    Recruit new members
    Supplement with embedded resources



    3 months


    Train existing team
    Recruit new members
    Supplement with embedded resources



    12 months


    Mentor and develop in-house team
    Recruit new members
    Add new skills to meet business requirement



    24 months


    Define long-term team requirement,
    in-house and outsourced
    in relation to commercial goals


As a high-value, low commitment solution, our funded heads can be whatever you need them to be.


Agency Fluid Talent Managers have the ability to source the specific skills at the specific level as required by each business case.

Typical roles include:

  • Project Managers
  • Campaign Consultants
  • Content Creators
  • Demand Generation
  • Marketing Automation
  • Revenue Operations
  • Developers/ Specialists
  • Acquisition and Media
  • Consultants/ Specialists


Our players. Your team.
Contract talent to meet your
right now requirements.

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