Good Food, Good Mood? The Marketing Agency Diet

Hannah Stevens Global Marketing

Where does organic social sit in the marketing funnel?

The diet starts Monday! How many of us have said those words?

The word diet automatically makes you feel like hard work – to me anyway! Losing weight and keeping it off is no walk in the park as every day we are confronted with even trickier choices such as donuts and birthday cake in the office. Or for Ledger Bennett Milton Keynes office – cheese! All food choices can derail those trying to stick to a “diet”, but really what is the right office diet?

I’m no nutritionist preaching what you can and can’t eat. Diets are different for different people; some people are gluten-free and have their food choices restricted through health, some people choose to be vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, and some are self-proclaimed “foodies” and are going to enjoy the food they love regardless.

Some experts tell us to not eat fatty foods, others promote the benefits of fats and low carb option. Others tell us to completely rule out any carbs and fats! So what’s the right answer?

Over the years I have tried all the crazy fad diets from the Atkins, 5:2, Weight Watchers, Slimming World, “lose 10lbs in a week eating nothing but passion fruit and salad” and now the “army diet”. While some of these diets work perfectly well for others, for me, after realising that once you own your own home and your mother isn’t there to feed you your 5 a day, my weight gradually increased and for that reason, I started 2018 with the whole cliché of “new year, new me”. After 3 weeks of putting my body through intense workouts at the gym and suffering pure starvation, I gave up. The main reason: a “fit bod” vs the office kitchen sideboard. Guess which won!?

In the office there are just too many food temptations from the Wednesday chip van, birthday celebrations and pizza for (…well who needs a reason to eat pizza?). I have noticed, however, that by eating these treats, by 2 pm I am at a lull and feeling sluggish and craving sugary snacks to give me the boost of energy needed for the rest of the day.

So how to avoid this? Eat “healthily” of course! Enjoy that little cute little plate of fresh cut veggies and hummus. Savour that teeny-tiny handful of raw nuts. Arrange those fresh apple slices into a Pinterest/Instagram-ready photo, broadcasting your virtue. Eat more of the things that are good for you and which you enjoy, so if you love fruit, have more fruit!

But me personally, if I don’t have a few good indulgence foods on hand, things I truly love… then I’ll soon end up on the Dark Side of the Snacking Street, on the wrong side of the right track! You know the place – It’s where the burgers and the cakes and nachos and the Ben & Jerry’s all live. And try as I might, I just can’t love a celery stick no matter what I dip it into.

I have started the “Joe Wicks – Lean in 15” diet. This allows me to cook for 15 mins (-ish) eat healthily but still enjoy those mozzarella moments! I have now lost 5lbs and still enjoy a glass of wine and dinner at the pub!

Work can be one of the hardest places to eat well. We spend so much of our lives working, this can have an impact on not just what we eat, but our general health and wellbeing too. What we choose to eat and drink is important for maintaining a healthy weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol and for preventing other health issues, such as diabetes.

And eating well at work is easier than you think! With a little planning, you can combine cooking healthy evening meals at home with your lunch preparation – making you feel organized, fulfilled and motivated at work the next day. I promise not to throw your lunch away either!

Diet can affect work performance too! Without regular well-balanced meals or enough water, you may suffer from headaches, feel sluggish or have difficulty concentrating at your desk. If this is you and you do want to change, then as you may or may not be aware, on Tuesday evenings some of us put ourselves through a grueling work out with our very own at the Ledger Bennett Boot Camp. We make it fun, support each other, have a laugh and feel good at the end (and maybe a little bit sore)! Join us for our next session, and if not, there’s always the Tuesday after! 😉

All things being said I have learned everything in moderation, this includes exercise, indulgence and healthy eating – a healthy workplace is the key to a happy workplace! What you do over the weekend is your own business.

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