What are the global marketing challenges?

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global marketing challenges

Global Marketing Challenges. Or should we say 全球營銷挑戰?

“The next stop will be China. Will all those marketing campaigns disembarking, please make sure you’re on the right platform, so you can be met and taken to your designated places of interest.”

As technology moves on at great speed, the ability for brands to reach all four corners of the earth becomes easier.

Beware! This isn’t as simple as you may think. A visit to the bookstore to ‘learn chinese in 10 minutes’ definitely isn’t the answer to translating your messages.

You need to understand the culture, geography, history and demographics of the place you’re targeting.

Did you know the number 4 is deemed unlucky in China?


You may, but do you know why?

Don’t stick your chopsticks upright into a bowl of unfinished rice.

In other words, your global advertising needs local understanding and expertise. There are over 190 countries in the world and no two are the same. Translation should be done by someone who knows the people.

Remember, the same applies to any customer care service you may have.

Whether it’s by phone, web chat or email, you need a translator who knows who they’re communicating with.

That marketing propaganda you’re about to drop on a different culture must be relevant. Don’t use identical messaging in markets which are a million miles away from your own.

But don’t take my word for it. What you could do is a test!

A/B testing is a good start, especially in places you‘re just dipping your toe into.

Consider what marketing automation platforms are best. Is it Eloqua, Marketo or something else? What social platforms are worth using? In some cases, government policies will make that decision for you.

On top of that, you need to be aware of budget. A global marketing campaign doesn’t come cheap. So, you may have to focus on the markets you already know before getting your passport stamped.

Measuring and reporting is fundamental to understanding the success of your brand. A marketing automation solution can help you appreciate how your work is being received, what is being clicked on or what forms are being filled. Collecting information on customers across different channels will greatly increase your ability to increase sales.

Having the right marketing technology in place to analyze data as it happens will enable you to amend your messaging and tactics whenever and wherever in the world you are.

So, if you’re planning a journey around the world…

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